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But it worked so well that you can’t imagine any other actors in those roles. After the film’s mega-success, Webb and his wife lived in England, often doing blue-collar work and living low-income lives; in 2006, BBC reported that the couple were facing eviction.

Webb wrote a sequel novel, “Home School,” in which Benjamin and Elaine are living in the suburbs of Westchester County with two children. Robinson is simply called “Nan,” presumably a version of nana or gran.

Robinson or the word “plastics,” because the 50-year-old film “The Graduate” has become part of modern folklore, even for people who haven’t seen it. While many films date quickly, this one still works, thanks in part to the stylish direction of Mike Nichols and the script by Buck Henry and Calder Willingham, adapting Charles Webb’s novel.

He kept telling everybody in the club I was a 10/10 and he had to get with me.

“I ended up leaving quite early to go to bed that night and he then showed up at my door at 6AM with Joey Essex, Jon Clark and some friends.

Both stars enjoyed separate romances during their times in the famous house, with Laura enjoying some time with Marco Pierre White Jr, while Ex On The Beach star Bear got friendly with Chloe Khan.

Claiming that she met Bear in November last year, Laura told The Sun: “We were just… “We met on a night out, spent the night kissing and were all over each other and then carried on messaging each other for a while.

But the film struck a nerve, thanks to Benjamin Braddock’s alienation from his family’s superficial values and lifestyle.