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Their primary concern is making sure Black women know that we're flawed while promoting the idea that Black men walk on water. And aren't Black women taking care of their men already? You're novel, but you ain't all that great a singer.

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Long time readers know that MESSENCE magazine is a Black men's magazine masquarading as a Black women's magazine. WHAT THE HEY-EL do Black women need to apologize to Black men for?

He was hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray by the male-identified women working at your favorite publication and mine, ESSENCE magazine.

I promptly called her something unpleasant and stated wtf did she care? Thats how you know they would rather here of how youre not doing well, alone, and even suggested I should date some Black guy loser, while they are happily married and living with a purple unicorn. Do Black women worry about what other people think?

Just listen to what is being said, nevermind by whom. No seriously, I don't know a Black woman alive who gives a rat's rear end about what other people think. However, it's wrong to say that maybe the WOMEN have to change. Let me get all southern and black on this one: I don't know who or what made Robin Thicke fix his mouth to say something so plumb ignant and stupid. I know double and about half them ain't worth the afterbirth that came after them.

April got the internet talking after posting pics of herself in what appeared to be Robin‘s home, the one he used to share with ex-wife Paula Patton. Also pictured: Robin and April out and about two weeks ago in Beverly Hills, Calif.