Scripterz rudating scripts

But the thing IRcap is best known for is probably its interface.

scripterz rudating scripts-83

Picture windows, yes, the latest fad in m IRC scripting, it would seem.

The toolbar, the sidebar, the 'dialogs' - yes, indeed everything is made out of picture windows.

Although i have yet to find any cons in the actual day to day use of the engine (i have been testing it since v0.4), it does have one major drawback. This is because it precompiles everything, and its a tradeoff for the actual speed you get once the theme is loaded.

Also, you can end up having 3 files related to themes loaded (the main engine, the dynamicly generated script and the supporting theme script), which isnt really a con, but can get a tad annoying if you already have lots of things loaded :) Conclusion...

Some sort of intergration into kameks theme editor would also go along way towards making this perfect :) All in all a mighty effort.


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