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Shetland Museum, a five-star visitor attraction, provides a fascinating insight into Shetland’s diverse heritage.

Key attractions include Mousa, an island boasting the best-preserved Iron Age broch in Scotland and Jarlshof, one of the most remarkable archaeological sites ever excavated in the British Isles.

In the Shetland Islands, which has a population of around 23,000, people who aren't in the market for a date join Tinder just to be nosy and see what everyone else is doing.

It's prime territory for nosy neighbours to snoop on singles.

But, much like a social network, Tinder is useful in signalling new additions to the community.

"There was a brief period when there was a large construction going on in Shetland and there was an influx of about 2,000 workers on the plant. But, broadening one's search perimeters isn't really an option, as travelling to Scotland is costly and time-consuming. 28 hours return trip on a boat or £200 pound on a flight.

That's immediately grounds for a proposal," says Robertson.

"With so few people, Tinder is an amazing way to quickly find out who is new to the island." In fact, Simon says that if he doesn't know someone who's popped up on his Tinder, then they must be new to the island. Adam, who's only ever matched with seven people on Tinder, says that the community on Shetland can be nosy when it comes to other people's affairs.