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Owner of the Chrysler Building and the Hotel Astor, Zeckendorf is perhaps best remembered for his 1946 acquisition of a seventeen-acre plot of land cluttered with slaughterhouses.

He originally intended it to become an urban complex that would rival Rockefeller Center.

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Even with his experience and success, Wood needed a wealthy partner to fund Freedomland.

William Zeckendorf, one of New York’s most powerful developers, stepped up.

His “X-City” was planned for the seventeen acres stretching from 42nd Street to 49th Street and from First Avenue to the East River.

It was set to include several skyscrapers plus a sphere-shaped concert complex in the middle topped with spotlights beaming toward the sky.

Webb & Knapp could get a variance to build apartment towers if they first built three-to-five-story buildings that lasted five years without damage to the walls or foundation.