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Nolan used IMAX 70 mm film cameras to film some sequences, including the Joker's first appearance in the film. initially created a viral marketing campaign for The Dark Knight, developing promotional websites and trailers highlighting screenshots of Ledger as the Joker.

Ledger died on January 22, 2008, some months after the completed filming and six months before the film's release from a toxic combination of prescription drugs, leading to intense attention from the press and movie-going public.

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Batman races to save Rachel, while Gordon attempts to rescue Dent.

Batman arrives at the building, but realizes that the Joker sent him to Dent's location instead.

Bruce Wayne is impressed with Dent's idealism and offers to support his career; he believes that, with Dent as Gotham's protector, he can give up being Batman and lead a normal life with Rachel Dawes—even though she and Dent are dating.

Mob bosses Sal Maroni, Gambol, and the Chechen hold a videoconference with their corrupt accountant, Lau, who has taken their funds for safekeeping and fled to Hong Kong.

The Dark Knight is a 2008 superhero film directed, co-produced, and co-written by Christopher Nolan.


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