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These questionnaires provide an invaluable source of data that go beyond the simple yes/no response and allow for data analysis using Kenny’s (1994; Kenny & La Voie, 1984) Social Relations Model (e.g. If resources are available, researchers might also wish to take photographs of participants or to audio- and video-record the speed-dates themselves.

Third and finally, researchers can follow up with their participants in the wake of the speed-dating event.

Therefore, we encourage researchers to consider administering one or perhaps several questionnaires in the wake of the speed-dating event.

Using a diary-type format (Bolger et al., 2003), researchers can assess information about participants’ lives in general as well as specific details about their relationships with each speed-dating match.

Session Leaders: Manfred Peritsch (IMG Innovation-Management-Group Gmb H) Vera Enzi (Grünstatt Grau, EFB) Industry Speed Dating Programme 4.00 – 4.15 | Keynote introduction to markets, trends in green infrastructure (Manfred Peritsch) 4.15 – 4.20 | Introduction by moderators to the interactive part of the session 4.20 – 4.40 | 120-second industry pitches on the main stage Q&A session with a strong structure, question forms filled in by participants and pinned on the pinboard at the start.