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Depending on how you craft the conversation (and the conversations before hand) you will have one to several options of dialogue; will you let the weirdo that’s been hitting on you down gently, or use your rapier-like wit to leave them a traumatised mess quivering under the table?

Will you sweet-talk someone into giving you a job, or will you lie your head off?

We dont know, but we’re keen to find out…For the large part, Sprung looks a lot like one of the internet chat services that use animated avatars; the characters are toon in appearance, and are bold and striking.

A range of expressions have been designed for each, and while none look any more impressive than a Saturday morning episode of Scooby Doo, they do the job surprisingly well.

All of the options have different outcomes, and the combinations they can be used in are nearly limitless.


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