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As the youngest child of a screen goddess and a European royal, Stephanie of Monaco seemed blessed with all the makings of a storybook princess.

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I just noticed as time was moving along that we tease each other, joke around, and it never is hurtful and nobody has hurt feelings.

I brought that up to Stephanie once and I was like, "You know, I feel like you never take anything personally or your feelings don't get hurt, and when there is joking, it just remains there," and she said, "Well, you know what it is, is I guess I just believe that you love me, and so I don't ever think you're coming from a—" Yeah, from a hurtful angle.

Tig, you talk a lot about being in love and never really doubting your feelings and just it being the best thing in the world basically.

Stephanie, how did the relationship develop for you? Tig: I had not dated women before, and I think when we first started spending time with each other, I was so into Tig and I was falling in love with her and I didn't know how to identify it because I thought I was straight.

And so for that whole year, I didn't witness any of it, and then when I saw her again, she had already had her surgery, and she seemed the exact same. If anything, it just felt like the first real, grounding relationship that I'd ever had.


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    She plays her role in his life with some enthusiasm for a short while. This lack of desire at the core, this sexual Milgram experiment, this obedience to a culturally designated authority figure in the relevant domain—it goes beyond sex too.

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    It’s a city that laughs at the biological clock and shuns the idea of marriage.

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