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Sex researchers are just starting to delve into the fetish world to see what can be gleaned from it. Though there may be fetishists who have experienced a past trauma, it’s not a reliable predictor.

And there might be some benefits to engaging in a fetish or BDSM. It comes from , a Portuguese word meaning "obsessive fascination.” The technical term in psychology is paraphilia, which is an atypical sexual interest in an object, act, body part, or sensation. The second most common is for accessories such as stockings, boots, or gloves.

After a protracted period, participants began to associate boots with arousal.

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Though the sexual revolution had a lot to do with it, the internet has acted as a catalyst for increasing our comfort level surrounding BDSM and fetishism.

Even those thought to have an “extreme” fetish can find legions of others with the same interest on websites and chatrooms, and through certain venues, even meet in person.

Further research supports the claim that paraphilias are non-sexual elements which though a certain experience, somehow get associated with sex. sold 10 million copies, and was read almost exclusively by women.

As a result, the more such impressions we encounter, the more fetishes we might acquire over time. This book includes bondage, dominance, submission, and sadomasochism (BDSM).

Moreover, some mainstream dating sites like OKCupid are now allowing users to communicate their fetish to would-be mates.


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