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He sucked it between hip lips and played it gently with his tongue against his teeth. He pulled off his shirt, and I pounced on him, straddling his hips.

I leaned in and kissed him, and then offered up my titties for his mouth.

" I stuck my tongue in his mouth again, and then breathed into his ear, "Knowing I'm going to take your cherry makes my pussy fucking wet." I crawled off his lap, and wrapped my hand over the awesome bulge in my brother's pants. On the first stroke, my nose hit fuzzy pubic hairs as his rod choked off my throat.

I slurped his rod back into my mouth and began to give my brother head in earnest.

Clutching the base of his cock with my hand, I bobbed my head all over his sweet dick, lashing him with my tongue, sucking him deep down my throat with my lips wrapped around his girth. My brother sighed with delight, and clutched his hands into my hair.

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I realized I hadn't put any real thought into my wicked plot, so I did nothing as Robbie closed the door to his room. He shifted to the bed beside me, his pants bulging with an obvious erection. " He looked me straight in the eye and said without a pause or stutter, "Every time, sis." There was only a two beat pause before I moved in to kiss my little brother. I opened my mouth and his tongue eased over mine in a loving caress.


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