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Of course, Oasis have never copied anyone, have they??

Oh, hang on - for no apparent reason, the names of Lennon/Mc Cartney, Roger Daltry, Mick Jagger etc. Mike Flowers claimed at the time in 1995 that his version of "Wonderwall" was the original and Oasis' was a cover.

The brothers Gallagher (Liam and Noel) and their band Oasis helped usher in a new period of glory for British guitar pop, at least in the UK. Green Day may have ripped off Oasis, but Oasis takes plenty of things.

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I think that Simple Plan stole this song and made "Your Love Is a Lie".

If you listen to them closely, they sound very similar.

Noel said 'tough sh*t, you're singing one of them' and he picked this.

It all worked out for the best there, i reckon Green Day need to go back to their little world of slickly produced "punk rock" and stop ripping off of Oasis songs for their ideas.

There's even a movie about George Harrison doing these very things and it's called..guessed it... This song is apparantly about "triumph in the face of adversity". Manchester City) where Manchester City formed a wall against a free kick, and kept blocking all the shots United took at the goal, going on to win the game. [This was on a documentary about the song.]This is for Kevin, from Lakewood, OH. punk stars for having a gosh darly blue day and sounding like Oasis!