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Just found out that one of the members left because they imitated Kris' lawsuit. It's just that I hoped they'll achieve the success on their own way just like you think.

The love river between the 21st century’s korean actress and the alien who landed on earth and lived for 400 years People who heard this drama’s summary might feel that it is a drama that is very ridiculous.

The viewers clearly know that its something that’s impossible, but they still gave Kim Soohyun who is showing his superpowers, a very big supporting applause from seeing that the alien’s deteriorating health is slowly about to become worse, getting near to the time where he’s going to disappear, and his lonely and sad tears.

Kim Soohyun: "When I heard that this time my role is going to be an alien who came from the stars, I went to apply for the lesson of ‘Understanding the universe’.

In 'You Who Came From The Stars’, I gotten a lot of help from Kim Chang Wan sunbaenim and also Jihyun noona.