Updating a bios for a k8m890m

I was all excited that I could fix it, until I realized that I can't fix it. They said they would install the CPU and memory for me for $8.

So maybe they'll do that for free tomorrow first to make sure they sell a product bundle that actually works together. So others may have an easy time finding this forum: ECS K8M890M-M v1.0A ECS K8M890M-Mv1.0A ECS K8M890M-M 1.0A ECS K8M890M-M (v1.0A) Processor(s) installed in your system are of an unknown revision 05/29/06 ECS K8M890-M unknown revision ECS K8M890-M doesn't boot ECS K8M890-M port error ECS K8M890-M fatal error ECS K8M890-M checksum error ECS K8M890M-M unknown revision ECS K8M890M-M doesn't boot ECS K8M890M-M port error ECS K8M890M-M fatal error ECS K8M890M-M checksum error Thanks for posting this!

In there is a that shows you steps on how to create the floppy.

You'll probably need CD burning software like Nero or Roxio to make a CD bootable and follow their directions.

The whatever bootable thing you have, you need to copy the file the root of the zip file (E061229S.