Updating wii argon chip

While often associated with physically modifying the hardware of a device, modding can also be achieved with software.Released in early 2008, Datel’s Freeloader for the Wii was capable of circumventing region restrictions.

Many vendors now presolder the chip to the clip, making it a true solderless kit.

The newer fourth generation of drivechips do not require soldering; they sit between the connection to the Wii and the disc drive.

This is the same method that software-modded Wiis use.

Following the D3, a newer chipset known as the D3-2, was released.

Such chips are advertised as "plug and play" and include the Flat Mod, Flat Mii, Wasabi DX, Wii Key Fusion, Drive Key, and the WODE Jukebox.


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