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When the user clicks on the Save button to save the data that was entered, the Update method should be called and the buttons should be redisplayed.

Place the following code in the cmd Save Record_Click() event: Something to watch out for with the Delete method is that when a record is deleted, the recordset is no longer pointing to a valid record, but the data from the deleted record still remains in the controls.

Move back to the last record to verify that your data is still there.

Note that this exercise demonstrated that you can create a simple but functional application that not only allows the user to browse through the rows of a database table and to update rows in that table, but also allows the user to add a new record to that table without writing any code.

This exercise introduces the Validate event of the data control, as well as the Cancel Update and Update Controls methods of the data control, the Bookmark and Last Modified properties of the recordset object, and the Data Changed property of bound controls.


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