Vanadzor dating

The garden also includes several khatchkars (cross-stones) and if those cross-stones revive your interest, you can later on consider visiting the khatchkar field of Noratus.

Russian Orthodox Church – Those people who have explored Armenia at least a bit or those who are acquainted with Russian architecture will immediately notice that this church is non-Armenian.

Gharakilisa is translated “Black Church” from Turkish, so in all likelihood the city was called so because of the Church of Holy Mother of God Church, which is made of black stone.

The city was known so under the rule of Russian Empire too.

Being one of the most beautiful cities of Armenia Vanadzor is located in Lori Province, in the northern part of Armenia.

The distance between capital Yerevan and Vanadzor is 120 kilometers.

If the residents of capital Yerevan seem to be dried out and all dehydrated because of hot summers, the same cannot be said about those living in Vanadzor. But as a rule, rain in this city is not so heavy that you might be forced to stay at your hotel.