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The Melbourne gangland killings were the murders in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia of 36 criminal figures or partners between 16 January 1998 and 13 August 2010.The murders were in a series of retributional murders involving various underworld groups.The deaths caused a sustained power vacuum within Melbourne's criminal community, as various factions fought for control and influence.

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Through the period after his run-in with the Moran family, Williams commenced a war with the aim of killing all of the Moran clan.

The majority of underworld crime figures and major incidents can be traced back to the Painters and Dockers Union that existed on Melbourne's waterfront after the Second World War.

The following groups of people were connected to the murders.

A number of those named below were members of more than one group at the same time.

Conspiracy to murder charges against George Defteros and Mario Condello were dropped nolle prosequi by the DPP in June 2005.