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This got me immediate attention because I knew the drug cartels use MS-13 to murder policemen, judges and politicians that get to close their drug running operations.The immediate implication on why they were being brought into this country by the thousands told me that our people who work in law enforcement and politics would soon be at risk.These helicopters were quite large and were tan colored.

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The agent’s partner, also on the phone, stated that “I objected to admitting MS-13 gangsters into the United States and I was told that we had our orders to treat them like anyone else”.

The Obama administration was famous for catch and release activities with regard to illegal aliens crossing the border.

I am an avid listener of the show and have heard you and Paul discuss the unusual movement of military vehicles and equipment. I live in Birmingham, AL and on my way home from work saw a convoy of helicopters that caught my eye.

They were flying in a line from the Birmingham area heading east toward the Anniston Army Depot area.

A very disturbingfrom the International Assessment and Strategy Center stated that MS-13 is moving away from handguns to the use of AK-47’s, along with grenades, rocket propelled grenade launchers, and light anti-tank weapons!