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This bitch doesn't who she's messing with.

Like any millennial female, I only thought podcasts were for “old people” and all about “educational” and “informational” content.

When he pulled back I frowned."I wanted to keep hugging."I said sadly. I nodded, I then heard a knock on the door."I'll get it."I said then opened the door to see Brendon with Audrey wrapped around his waist.

He chuckled, I smiled."Were you serious about last night? "Hey Brendon and Audrey."I said nicely, Trying to ignore what she's wearing.

Just like you did."Ryan told her."Please don't do this Ryan."She begged."I've already found me someone else."He said then looked at me."Ryan, When I cheated it didn't mean anything."She said."When I cheated it did."He said back to her, I had to hold back a laugh."Fine, I'll go. I'm going over to my boyfriend's."She said going upstairs.