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“He seemed to have this beautiful, cool, elusive image. And, if he did use it to market himself, he did that better than anyone else, too.” The two did not work directly together on the Tim Burton-directed “Batman.” But the “Birdman” actor said he appreciated Prince before and after the making of the film.

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Michael Keaton may forever be associated with Prince in some fans’ minds because the movie star and the pop star both worked on 1989’s “Batman” — the actor starring as the caped crusader and the musician performing the song “Batdance,” which became a No. But that association meant less to Keaton than his pure admiration for Prince at the time of the pop star’s death Thursday.

“I put him up there with Duke Ellington, Stevie Wonder, Miles [Davis] among the true greats,” said Keaton. He had what seemed like centuries of being great.” Keaton said he was in his car in his driveway in Los Angeles when he heard the news on the radio of a body being discovered at Prince’s Minneapolis home.

And also he wants you to read his profile on Grantland.

He also wants you to listen to the Marc Maron podcast and to read the piece he wrote in "Astream." I've included the note about that book here.

We'd play war, soldiers, fight in the woods, cowboys and Indians. They'd show up at a mansion and there'd be this old proper woman character, who would never react to them. We hunt for an hour with one, drive a little bit, then hunt with the other. I don't want dogs that have had the personality trained out of them.