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These guys know I’m going to get them in a place that may make them uncomfortable, but I think they also know I’m not going to put them in a position that I would never put myself.

They’re like, “Well, he’s never going to put himself in a position where he’s ultimately going to really be in danger, so we’re in.

The only reason we filmed in the sewers in Paris is because New York City wouldn’t let us film in the sewers.

You can have a thriller, you can have a drama, or you can have a comedy, or you just have a documentary, and I think that it doesn’t do service or justice to how good and how diverse the art form is.

I think documentaries can be comedies, and documentaries can be thrillers, and documentaries can be dramas, and they can be horror films.

You become a little expert in whatever the field may be.

To this day, people ask me about how many rats are in the city, or did you see all the rats outside?

Yeah, you have to find the right crew that will do this.