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_Idol_’s most acerbic judge Simon Cowell threatened to quit if Sanjaya made it to number one.

A blogger calling herself “J” launched an anti-Sanjaya hunger strike.

Sanjaya, it turned out, made a perfect teen idol in the mold of adolescent heartthrobs from Shaun Cassidy to the Jonas Brothers: slightly androgynous, sexy but unthreatening, with a high voice that apparently hadn’t dropped into manhood yet.

Some of them were prompted by a campaign by radio host Howard Stern, who urged his millions of listeners to vote for Sanjaya.

(An ardent -basher, Stern believed that if Sanjaya won, it would mean the end of the show.) Then there were the girls, dialing to vote for him over and over again, racking up enormous family phone bills.

The featured guest artist would be -Diana Ross, and Sanjaya had settled on “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” as the song from her repertoire he would perform.

When he entered the practice studio before the broadcast, Ross stood by the piano, a diva in waiting. His beatific, what-me-worry smile never left his face.

When he finished, the camera panned to a sobbing preteen girl, her face red and swollen as if she’d been stung by a swarm of bees.


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